Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We went on a mini family vacation to Disneyland a few weeks ago (during the heatwave no less). Thanks to Jenn for the Disney tips which included:

  • Getting our rice fix at the PCH Grill while the kids got their character breakfast fix
  • Splurging a little for the Grand Californian Hotel was definitely worth it especially because the heat got to be unbearable at times - going back to the hotel to recuperate was a lifesaver. Had we stayed offsite we would have either burned to a crisp in the park or called it a day at 11:00 AM and stayed in the hotel.

Highlights of our vacation:

  • We got our family portraits taken by Disney Mike - I figured, hey we're in Disneyland, let me see if DisneyMike can take our pics! This is the first time we had our portraits taken since we added our little #3. Poor guy is growing up in a house with no pictures of him on the wall, he probably thinks he's adopted.
  • Got my daughter started with pin trading - it was just fun for her to trade pins with the "Cast Members" on the resort although now that we're home those pins are sitting on the kitchen counter long forgotten. I don't want to think about how much I spent on pins for her to trade. By the way - Jack Sparrow-Mickey Mouse is non-negotiable. :)

  • Got to watch Little Q's reaction as all his favorite Pixar characters came to life during the Pixar Parade at California Adventure.
  • Fascination

  • Bought another cookbook!

My new cookbook, Delicious Disney, caught my eye while I was perusing the gift/sundries shop at the hotel for the 7th time that weekend. The recipe that cemented my decision to spend $40 on the book was for Twinkie Tiramisu. Joyce's daughter Ava recently turned 2 and I used her birthday as an excuse to make it. No one knew I used Twinkies until after I told them. It was a tad too sweet for my taste but I generally don't like desserts that are sweet (I prefer creamy/fruity). If you like Twinkies, I think you'll like this tiramisu.

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joyce said...

ollie loved the tiramisu!